Blueshift provides a multidimensional scientific, technical and commercial consulting resource for aquaculture feasibility, business and technical requirements as well as applied research and development, commercialisation and intellectual property management.  


Feasibility, Planning and Assessment services


  • Aquaculture strategic planning, concept and feasibility studies
  • Business plan development and assessments
  • Species and systems selection and advice
  • Bio-economic, financial and business modelling
  • Regulatory and approvals advice and assistance
  • Project, business and market reviews


Design, Engineering and Construction services


  • Site identification, assessment and selection
  • Water sampling and water quality analysis
  • Facility design (hatchery, nursery, grow-out and processing)
  • Project quantity estimates and costing
  • Innovation in aquaculture systems


Operations services


  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Protocol development (hatchery, nursery & grow-out)
  • Staff training and skills development
  • Operations and technical review/troubleshooting


Research and Development services


  • R&D project management (commercial and technical)
  • R&D plan development and reviews
  • Grant/funding applications
  • R&D tax assessment and applications